Sparring Competition

Register Online

Allen Chang

Registeration Is Open

9/25 - 9/30

How to Register

1. Make an account

Follow the link, and make an account for the tournament registration website

2. Indentify Yourself

If you are a spectator, you should click the thrid option - "I am registering myself in an activity"

If you are a parent or guardian and want to come to the game, you should make a separate account for yourself to be registered after registering your children. Again, if you want to buy a ticket for yourself, please choose the third option.

3. Register For Your Division

If you are a register, please register divisions with [Ticket] sign.

4. Print out the order confirmation

This is your ticket for the event. Don't forget to print it out!!

Contact us if you have more questions

800-424-5425 Ext. 1

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