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Premium Sparring Uniform 

Tusah Premium Collection

Tusah Premium Collection delivers top quality equipment for professional athletes. True innovation behind this was inspired from the athlete themselves. Our engineers developed unique designs and functionality based on collected research from Olympic medalists. Time & precision was put into each detail for maximum athlete satisfaction.

  • Inspired by the breathable fabric material used in today’s sports, Tusah incorporated that material to construct the Premium Sparring Uniform. Tusah’s Cool-Sense technology quickly absorbs moisture and circulates it outwards for a cooler/dry feeling. The uniform is designed to feel light & flexible for extreme mobility, simultaneously durable. It is combined with mesh panels in certain heat trapped areas for more air circulation. Made in Korea. 100% Polyester

  • Extra Features: ​ A soft spandex band is incorporated in the waist section for extra flexibility and comfort. High quality tags are added to show off a rich colored attraction.

Easy-fit sparring uniform 

Tusah EZ-Fit provides athletes with an easy method to compete at a high level. All athletes can now equitably feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. This product line explore new ideas & concepts, but at the same time keeping it affordable. 100% Quality Guarantee

  • One of the lightest uniforms in the market today!
  • Made purely of 100% polyester  x  mesh material.
  • The inner cool mesh allows moisture to evaporate faster, consistently giving you a fresh cool feeling.

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